Hotel Tour: Take a Dip in Byron Bay’s ‘The Atlantic’

The best places to stay make you feel like you could never leave. The Atlantic, located in the heart of Byron Bay, is the kind of classy and well manicured establishment Robinson Crusoe may have dreamt about if he were a travel blogger today: big white houses and open doors, towering palm trees, big dragon looking lizards the size of your leg, and a lush green lawn to lay down in. We came to The Atlantic by way of a two week Australian road trip, in which for the most part we slept in our van near the sea and ate cereal. Our stay here was a gem, and the perfect kind of mid-trip reset button.

Owners Kim and Steve bought the property and began renovating and restoring years and years ago. They raised their family in one the houses while finishing the other, renting rooms to travelers. The property now is comprised of two main houses, a smaller guest house, and a vintage airstream trailer. It has an open and welcome feel to it like the town itself. As a guest, you rent a room in the homes while the shared quarters are used by everyone. It makes for this hodgepodge of a family for the weekend, drawing you together with the other guests in the best of ways.


The property is intimate and the communal spaces of kitchens, lounge decks, the fire pit, and lap pool make for a kind of summer camp vibe. Dylan and I posted up in the vintage airstream trailer, a cozy little retro tin can made for two. We ate avocado toast in the mornings, wandered around Byron and spent the afternoons on the beach. And in the evening we’d come back to The Atlantic for a swim and some homemade dinner with other guests, stuffing our faces with local prawns and wine around the fire pit.


The Atlantic is the sort of place I’d like to own, the sort of place I’d like to live at if they’d let me. You never need anything here, partially because your desires are already met, and partially because the pace of the world has seemed to slow to Byron-time. It feels silly to need more than bicycle, some good food, a glassy wave, and maybe a midday nap. If anything, our two night stay was too short, but the road was calling so we packed up our few things and began south again.

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