Hotel Tour: Hotel Now Cali, Colombia

The Colombian journey took ahold and landing in Bogota felt all too surreal. The ‘magical realism’ of the new culture and mountains around seemed like a dream. In order to reach Cali, a bus was in order. The bus took several hours, cost less than ten dollars, and traveled in between some of the most lush, green mountains. It was not particularly glamorous on a bus like this, but in a way, that made it more adventurous. Sure, there were planes I could have taken, but where’s the fun in that?   

Eventual arrival in Cali led us to the Hotel Now. It was July, yet in South America that meant winter. However, it was quite warm this evening in Cali. The concept of a South American winter seemed much more mild.

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Entering the hotel lobby exposed a myriad of lovely umbrellas hanging from the sky in an outdoor bar. The staircase to the room from the elevator was a clear, open-air pathway. From there, we were now above the umbrella’s, glancing upon them from a new vantage point high above the Colombian sky.

Upon entering our room we found modern furnishings with a large black and white mural across the bed, and hip mod lights. The king bed was beyond welcoming after a long day on the bus. There were robes waiting for us, so we curled up on the feather bed and listened to some latin music.

The patio doors opened up to a sweet little terrace covered in banana leaf plants. Glancing upon the town below felt almost like Miami. There was a knock at the door. It was a delivery of a fresh, fruit smoothie. It was a local fruit which tasted similar to guava.

The salsa music continued to play over the room’s personal stereo, and the large marble shower beckoned an evening rinse. It was an exquisite shower with multiple heads coming from every direction. There was enough space in the shower for an entire fiesta.

Just up the clear staircase outside the room there was a rooftop bar and pool.  The infinity pool was lit with many rainbow colors, and disappeared off the edge. The entire rooftop area was lit with bright red, purple, and pink lights. It was incredibly psychedelic and modern – the perfect place to enjoy a drink under the night sky.

The outdoor feel of the entire hotel was incredible. Hotel Now felt open & tropical, yet private & modern with just the right amount of retro vibes. It was a short, but sweet stay.  In the morning the journey called, and it was time to keep heading south…

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