Hotel Tour: Finding Home in Cartagena’s ‘Casa Lola’

We went to Casa Lola for two nights and ended up staying seven. One of the reasons I fell so madly in love with Cartagena was because of our incredible stay here. This small boutique hotel located in the neighborhood of Getsemani will make you feel like you must have been royalty in past life for how easily you fall into this kind of living. Located on Guerrero street, it is at the epicenter of a still somewhat secretive neighborhood – though that is changing fast. A short walk to Plaza Trinidad and you can find everything your heart desires.

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Casa Lola is made up of two separate buildings that the owners bought, restored, and renovated. They’ve kept a mixture of open spaces filled with luscious plant life and matched it with a touch of golden and gaudy decor that feels like they were always meant to live together. A roman stream flows from the atrium where you eat breakfast and past the first floor rooms.


It feels more like a home with plenty of bedrooms than any hotel I have ever been in. They make ample use of the common space, staging several living room areas throughout the grounds where you will commonly find others reading, enjoying drinks, and even having a nap. This set up feeds into the energy of the place, making it more communal: a hostel even (but for very chic adults with a healthy budget on hand and an insatiable appetite for rum.)

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Cartagena is hot hot hot. We would spend the scorching hours of the afternoon lounging at their rooftop pool and wandering the halls with mojitos in hand. Even if you are the kind of person who finds it hard to get into a relaxing gear, which I clearly am not, this place will have you dialed down to chill almost instantly.

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Each room is unique to itself and decorated with a certain kind of flair that you will constantly find works in surprising ways. It’s an understand sexy, and an exquisite use of space. Because we kept on extending our stay we slept in four different rooms including a more modest two person set up, two different suites with lofts, and the master suite with a massive circular bed and glass showers. Each one was better than the last and I think everyone working there was beginning to wonder if we’d moved in for good.

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It’s rare that I leave a location and vow to be back. But, we are already looking at tickets to return. And I must say, although Casa Lola itself was exquisite, it truly was the staff who went above and beyond to take care of us that made our stay so memorable. Mike, if you’re reading this, thank you thank you thank you.

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