Finding Heaven in a South African Church

There’s something magical about religious spaces. I do not follow an organized religion, however I can feel the presence of something greater than I. This presence hides in the aging wood pillars of expansive buildings and in the rise and fall of a gospel choir’s voice. It is in a preacher’s voice and the stairwell of a mosque.


When I discovered Bosjes Chapel, I felt certain that heaven exists. Nestled in a hidden South African vineyard, its modern silhouette is divine. Looking like a scene pulled from last night’s dream, it is built right by a crystal clear pool. With curves that remind me of a voluptuous woman laying on her side, each slope reaches the ground, creating an aesthetically breathtaking reflection in the pool’s water. Fall in love with this architectural gem from the Steyn Studio below.

Steyn-Studio-Bosjes-Chapel-2 Bosjes__002 Steyn-Studio-Bosjes-Chapel-6 Steyn-Studio-Bosjes-Chapel-5 Steyn-Studio-Bosjes-Chapel-4

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