Donari Braxton’s Latest Editorial Is An Ode To The Vintage Supermodel

Captured by writer-filmmaker-photographer, Donari Braxton, this spread seems to bring all his wheelhouses into focus. A cinematic feel to the stills, coupled with the intimate narrative of a woman at home in her apartment. It is simple yet far from understated, with model Rachael Lange‘s natural beauty illuminating every frame.

Lange is reminiscent of Cindy Crawford in those iconic 90’s Pepsi ads. She’s got that beautiful kind of baby-face, which will undoubtedly grow into a woman whose beauty makes you genuflect when she walks in the room. Her eyes have you feeling like you miss your high school sweetheart, but those lips promise there is so much more to have in this life. Poised in denim, simple sweaters, and a button down, her look makes us ache for the era of vintage supermodels, a time of simplicity and grace.

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