“Blink Once and You’ll Lose Her” by Kaitlyn Mikayla

Taylor LaShae looks like the lead in a vintage French film. With eyes that make you reconsider your current relationship, she is the kind of woman that makes me want to write – and I do not make that statement lightly.

This series by photographer Kaitlyn Mikayla captures LaShae in a single space, yet every frame is dynamic. The change in mood and shots come from the shifting of her eyes and the pout in her lips. As her expression changes, we change with it. She controls the way we see her, creating an emotional dissonance between split seconds: an inhale versus an exhale, a match lit versus a match blown out, the subtle movement of that arresting stare.

Blink once and you’ll lose her. Dive in below.

Photo Mar 15, 2 27 21 PM Photo Mar 15, 2 10 15 PM Photo Mar 15, 2 10 56 PM Photo Mar 15, 2 16 17 PM Photo Mar 15, 2 18 11 PM Photo Mar 15, 2 17 40 PM Photo Mar 15, 2 26 58 PM Photo Mar 15, 2 19 55 PM

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