“Sunday’s Best” by Ali Mitton: Our 2017 Valentine’s Day Edit

At the core of our Secret Society is the unmatched energy of strong, beautiful women. This is embodied through teaming up with women who inspire and support one another endlessly. Enter three women who have graced Live FAST many times: Ali Mitton, Tayler Rose, and Roxanna Dunlop. Each woman represents a desirable pillar feminity – Ali with her stunning eye, Tayler with her free spirited demeanor and Roxy with her universal sex appeal. Together, they create magic.


“Sunday’s Best” takes us to You’re So Baby owner Tatum Kendrick’s Silverlake home, where Tayler and Roxy lounge about, indulging in one another’s presence. As spectators, we’re allowed to witness the grace and glamour that exists when two women are completely comfortable and uninhibited with one another. Slipping in and out of the lingerie featured in our latest Secret Society offerings, they remind us that our strongest ties are to each other.

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Perhaps our favorite part of this story is the natural chemistry that exists between Roxy and Tayler. It isn’t overtly sexual, yet you’re far from likely to rush through these images. Instead, our best guess is that you’re savoring every frame, perhaps even revisiting your favorites. Only true affinity can result in such beautiful art. Donning luxurious pieces from Bordelle, Celeste, Evgenia, Fleur du Mal, Kisskill, Loveday London, Tylynn Nguyen, and Uye Surana, they lounge atop classic car seats and fur-covered couches, dancing in-between sips of champagne and photo frames.

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Dying to experience this Secret Society lingerie editorial IRL? We don’t blame you. Meet us at You’re So Baby, a newly launched concept store that offers a sexy, fashion-forward point of view for your home and wardrobe. Founded by interior designer Tatum Kendrick, YSB is arranged as an intimate “apartment.” Offering a curated selection of lingerie, fashion, jewelry, home decor, and art designed to provide an elevated shopping experience, You’re So Baby feels like you’ve stepped foot in a shoppable lingerie guide.


If having your honey buy you pretty underpinnings is your idea of a good time, then send ’em here. The YSB girls keep archives on what styles you wear and what styles you love in their “CIA Files.” Best part of it all? You can set up a shopping appointment for your lover – so he/she can come in and have some help while finding you the perfect pretty lacey things. Dropping hints and getting yours has never been so easy.

Please call 323-272-6575 to make a private shopping appointment or come to our exclusive shopping event this upcoming Thursday (RSVP mandatory)

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