Un Peu Plus Loin: A Storytelling Studio For Wanderers

A little further. The literal translation of Tamy Emma Pepin‘s latest endeavor, Un Peu Plus Loinalso doubles as Tamy’s mantra. If you’ve met her, this comes as no surprise. She talks quickly with great enthusiasm, however if you let this factor distract you, you will miss out on what makes Tamy who she is: Her knack for storytelling. Originally the host of Canadian travel show, Tamy USA, she has been a wanderer with an insatiable desire for knowledge for the duration of her career.

Un Peu Plus Loin is a storytelling studio equipped with a shoppable component. Honing in on Tamy’s innate ability to communicate seamlessly across various digital platforms, UPPL’s services include content creation, production, and digital strategy for both brands and individuals. The way she conveys her inspirations, interests, and intentions across the Un Peu Plus Loin Instagram feed is indicative of the magic she’s capable of creating for others.

Un Peu Plus Loin’s Instagram serves as a wormhole for creatively curious individuals. A combination of inspirations (think Michelle Obama, Basquiat, Zadie Smith and Albert Camus), an archive on Moroccan culture and Berber women, and a travelogue of breathtaking landscapes and discoveries, the feed is an intellectual’s dream.

The shoppable component is a collection of breathtaking rugs hand-knotted by Berber women. During a journey to her home country of Morocco with her mother, Tamy delved into her lineal tradition and hand-selected each rug. Dedicated to enriching the Berber community, she strategically chose a number of female artisans to support and highlight internationally through the creation of the Un Peu Plus Loin collection. The Berber tradition of storytelling through textiles thrives within each rug, making for a cherished cultural relic for your home.

Un Peu Plus Loin differentiates itself by offering something for anyone. Every aspect of the storytelling studio takes us to a different territory Tamy has voyaged to, allowing us to explore our creative pursuits through Tamy’s carefully curated lens and pushing us to move just a little further.

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