The Future You: A Collaboration Between Nada Alic and Andrea Nakhla

There is a certain magic that transpires when two artists bring together their minds, allowing their individual creative light to mix and grow into grander proportions. Nada Alic and Andrea Nakhla have come together on several projects with great success, thus bringing them to engage on their newest collaboration titled Future You No. 2. This piece is a compilation of short stories written by Nada, coupled with illustrations by Andrea. The release marks the girls’ third book release, with their other collaborations including Future You and I Saw It In You.


The badass lady-duo are Eastside dwellers and longtime friends. Both finding much of their inspiration for creating from the intersection of art and relationship, they have discovered a firm common ground upon which to come together and create these stories. Andrea’s ability to artistically compliment the sentiment that Nada eloquently conveys through words allows their audience the opportunity to fully engage with these stories. Not only does one find it hard not to relate to the characters Nada has created, but also nearly impossible not to bellow out a good laugh when least expected. Nada has beautifully translated the subtle neurosis we are most all guilty of possessing with a refreshing sense of comic relief. Purchase your copy of Future You No. 2  here and take a sneak peek at some of the illustrations below!







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