Stranded On A Desert Island With Nothing But LUINY To Wear

Nina 21

I like to play the game, “if I were stranded on a desert island what would I want with me?” A record player, a case of rum, LUINY’s new abstract collection, Formes. If I were going to spend my days staring out to sea, I’d want to feel good and look even better.

This lookbook, shot by Steph Zegarra on location in Puerto Rico at Playa La Esperanza, is chock-full of dreamy bold shots featuring model, Nina Isabel. The stony backdrop and empty beaches serve as an ideal stage to showcase such a dramatic and elegant collection.

“This collection is a mix of brass, silver and leather. Inspired by some of the pieces of Alexander Calder, they are sketches, and traces that I carved on wax, geometry forms that are playing with movement, bold and minimal at the same time. Big statement earrings are the protagonist of this collection.” – Luiny Rivera

Former is more than a few pieces of jewelry, each a work of art they carry a personality with them. Wearing her work instills a kind of confidence in which you would absolutely own that deserted island.

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