“She Wanted To Dance” a Short Film by Daria Kobayashi Ritch

“She Wanted to Dance,” Daria Kobayashi Ritch’s second directorial mark, is a three minute short that doesn’t take itself too seriously and doesn’t sacrifice a single frame. Shot entirely on 16mm film, it’s made up of sharp and slight comedic moments. It’s a cheeky take on the old school Hollywood heist narrative. Three girls steal a brief case, traverse across Los Angeles trying to open it, and they dance. It’s got a vibe that feels instantly classic created in the combination of style, coloring, and cutting dialogue.

Starring Valentina Sykes, Alex Noiret and Kendall Walters, each girl has a distinct aura about her that makes them the perfect rag tag team of misfit criminals. My personal favorite moments: the choreographed dancing about two minutes in and the expression on Alex Noiret’s when she retrieves the cigarettes from beneath the car. Fucking priceless. We’ve been buzzing about Daria’s work for sometime now, and watching artists take creative steps into spheres feels like falling in love all over again with the very same person. If She Wanted to Dance is an indication of where her interests gather right now, we’d follow her just about anywhere. Oyster Mag has an on point interview with her discussing the makings, castings, and creative moments behind the process.

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