“Nobody’s Baby” by David Lekach (Valentine’s Day 2017 at You’re So Baby)

There’s freedom in indulging one’s femininity. To be doused in lace with perfectly glossed lips is to be enveloped in one’s femininity. This is a particular type of freedom that isn’t easily explained – I dare say, if you haven’t felt such an indulgence then you may gawk at the ease in which we romp about in lingerie.

Silk underpinnings taut against the curves of our bodies, warm skin pressed against warm skin, the heat of our words blending into the feather touch of our hair. Soft like the fuzz of a peach, ripe to the touch. We’re sovereignty when we’re together.

“Nobody’s Baby” is the latest installment of Live FAST’s Secret Society. Photographed by David Lekach and all made up by Gabbi Pascua, we took to Echo Park’s concept store You’re So Baby to spend an afternoon creating.

You’re So Baby is a newly launched concept store that offers a sexy, fashion-forward point of view for your home and wardrobe. Founded by interior designer Tatum Kendrick, YSB is arranged as an intimate “apartment” offering a curated selection of lingerie, fashion, jewelry, home and art. You can trust sending your honey here solo, too. You’re So Baby offers sneaky “CIA Files,” meaning the YSB girls keep archives on what sizes you wear and what styles you love. Getting yours has never been so easy.

Dlekach_Livefast-125 Dlekach_Livefast-122 Dlekach_Livefast-134

The Secret Society is a collective of women who represent Live FAST’s core ethos: intense, intimate, and creative with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Last year, we brought you the likes of Natalie Krim, Braina Laviena, and Brynn Wallner. This year, Jade McDaniels, Danielle Alcaraz, Dominique Jane, and Courtney Kimmey join me as the latest Secret Society inductees.

Featuring lingerie labels like Fleur du Mal, BordelleUye Surana, Loveday London and Kisskill, Tylynn Nguyen this editorial functions as a guide to the best You’re So Baby has to offer. Eclectic in taste and desires – just like the women featured – there’s a set for every type of lover.

Like what you see? You can purchase our latest additions to the Live FAST Secret Society lingerie selection here.

Dlekach_Livefast-127 Dlekach_Livefast-131 Dlekach_Livefast-123 Dlekach_Livefast-126 Dlekach_Livefast-130 Dlekach_Livefast-133 Dlekach_Livefast-91

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