“Sunken Dreams” by Brandy Eve Allen. A Multiple Exposure Series of Exploration

Photographer Brandy Eve Allen is exploring the use of multiple exposure in her new series which probes at emotional exile: shock, catharsis, and surrender. Each frame invites the viewer to question reality, the more you look the more you see, and the wider the world becomes. There are sometimes seven exposures going into a single frame, each one specially chosen to articulate these spaces. There is no work done in post, all creation is done in-camera on film.

Sunken Dreams is the second chapter in a three part series. The models are depicted as suspended in a multiplication of universes that we float through. She firsts shoots the roll in her desired environment, in Sunken Dreams it’s at the aquarium. In chapter one titled, Gestures, it is a firework show. She then rewinds the roll and reshoots it in her studio with models posing in ways that might interact with the original shots. The result is a dreamlike state of natural beauty.


I’m always inventing spaces where the soul has a chance to explore it’s depths, whether it’s quietly at the bottom of the ocean below us, or electrifying among the stars above us.  This is an ongoing series, I’m still in the process of completing chapter two.

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