Moving Forward: A Midweek Meditation on 2017

Dear Coquette, an anonymous Internet personality whose advice blog I frequent intermittently, was recently asked if we are going to give up on fighting (presumably, the collective “we”). Her response is a string of sentences that I’ve mulled over in my mind for a few weeks. “The point is to live. The point is to keep going. It’s okay to let the vigilance mellow into something less acute. It’s not about intensity anymore; it’s about stamina. Dig in, hold fast, and keep a calm and constant pressure as the pendulum swings.”

I open with this because I am exhausted by 2016’s narrative. I liken the year 2016 to cheating on a loved one: counterfeit functionality, a symptom of a disease rather than the cancer itself. Perhaps we’ve been screwed for our entire lives, but thanks to the rise of technology and a whole slew of other factors, we’ve finally been faced with the stark reality.

In honor of letting bygones be bygones, I’m meditating on my favorite things that have happened so far in 2017. Who knew four days could bring such joy?

Beyonce + Kendrick Lamar to Headline Coachella 2017

If you know me IRL, you’ve heard me swear up and down that I would never attend another Coachella. The sweaty throngs of headdress wearing people, the pulsating EDM, and the general lack of sanitation that the festival scene promises had me jaded after three youthful years of attendance. This may have all changed today. Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar this year’s headliners, shifting away from the usual suspects and placing two individuals that are at the forefront of transforming current political commentary into art. Maybe this is the year where the music festival receives a new life…. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

Sasha Lane is the Face of Louis Vuitton’s Latest Campaign

The rising star that broke the surface in 2016’s American Honey graces Louis Vuitton’s Spring ’17 campaign. Stunning with plump lips, caramel skin and her signature locs, Lane enchants the campaign, leaving spectators falling for her frame by frame.

Rebecca Ferguson Will Perform At Trump’s Inauguration Under One Condition…

… She must be able to perform Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit,” a song that was once blacklisted in the United States for lyrical content deemed “controversial” and speaks to the struggle of being black in America. No word on if the president-elect has approved this request.

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