“Here, For One Night Only” Featuring Pearl Charles

I read somewhere that you should think of Pearl Charles as Lana Del Rey or Jenny Lewis but with grit. I like to think of Pearl Charles as Pearl Charles. One of the reasons I love her music, her vibe, her sense of fashion, is because she reminds me of how important it is to stand alone on ones own two feet, and how much of the self can be rectified with a little self love and some good music.


These images were shot by photographer Yana Yatsuk in an abandoned carnival. Charles traipsing around in velvet booty shorts, like they’re the most casual thing ever, dials us right into her world: a place of strange and moody lightheartedness. She reminds me of those safe islands surrounding a good high, just before you leave and right when you come back.


This beautiful maven is continuing to make us stare this year, modeling for some of our favorite brands, touring, and relaxing more groovy folk surf rock tunes that remind us why it’s good to be alive. She will be headlining this month, January 12th, at The Echo in Los Angeles with support from support from Big Search, Gospelbeach & Golden Daze. You can buy your tickets right now, right here.

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