Check In: Hotel Magnolia, Santiago, Chile

We’re having daydreams about Hotel Magnolia, booking plane tickets in our sleep, and scheming how to move the operation south, south, south. Chile has always been one of those shining pins on the list of places to visit in the coming years. This newly renovated historic mansion turned upscale hotel is just one more reason we’re destined south.


Hotel Magnolia opened in the fall of 2016 after a careful and well executed two-year renovation. The mansion was originally built for a politicians daughter, later became apartments, then offices, and now has returned to its former glory with some extra pizzaz. The 42-room hotel is located in the cultural hub of Santiago, and offers views of Cerro Santa Lucia hilltop park from their suites and rooftop bar. The space is open and airy, encouraging you to socialize and get lost in those late night conversations that travel can often spur. Two of our favorite spots at this location: the library and the bar (of course).

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Although you will want to get out and explore be sure to carve away time to eat on sight at Hotel Magnolia’s restaurant where you will feast on seasonally changing menu, focused on Chilean cuisine. Plus, the wine list itself an adventure that you could never grow tired of. The glass ceiling and magnolias surrounding you give off a never-never-land vibe.

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