“All Made Up” by Jamie Parkhurst

Sometimes she reminds me of a pantomime. The sound drops out and all you see are lips and lifted eyebrows, and you have to make your own sense out of the whole thing. Sometimes before we go out I watch her in the bathroom mirror: outline her eyes and lips pressed, and this tilt of her head, an expression I’ve never seen anywhere else. There is some kind of magic in watching her, spell bound and trance-like, becoming someone who all made up with everywhere to go.

Photographer, Jamie Parkhurst, plays picture maker with model and muse, Teresa Oman, who is all made up by beauty maven, Matisse Andrews. I love how dramatic her eyes are throughout the series, big bay windows with the curtains pulled back.


To me, beauty and makeup and color is like the finishing touch on everything.

– Marc Jacobs

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