Max Lowe’s Best of 2016

Travel photographer, Max Lowe, is based in Bozeman, Montana. Every once in awhile he migrates back to curl up with his cat and feel a sense of home. But, the rest of the year he is out there roaming, seeking, and finding a never ending horizon that we are lucky enough to witness through his captures. I once asked Max in an interview how one becomes a successful travel photographer, working for publications like National Geographic. And his answer which is the most Max sort of answer it makes me smile every time I think of it was: “Well, first you have to go on adventures: big, scary, sweet ass adventures. And then you have to take a camera with you and know vaguely how to use it. And that’s about it.” Cheers to that Max, and we wish you all the wanderings in the year to come, 2016 has been more beautiful because of you.

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