Last Minute Holiday Solves by RVCA and Melodi Meadows


There is still a hot minute left before Christmas, but really that’s it. So, just in case you are online shopping and racking those carts full this weekend like us, we wanted to point you in the right direction. RVCA’s Sunday Collection, is filled with all things adorable and cozy and serves as the perfect last minute gift haven. Whether these gifts are going right on your body or under that tree they will be oh-so loved.

Featured here on forever-babe Melodi Meadows is the Sunday Collection, and a perfect array of items to fill out your holiday season: pull over sweaters, winter worthy jumpers, tops you don’t have to think twice about, and dresses that you and sister will agree on. These pieces make perfect gifts or will carry you stylishly through to the New Year: holiday party bound or cozied up with your favorite people. Order now, ship to mom’s house, no need to even pack.

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