“Irrelevance” by Ofer Dabush

“Irrelevance,” by photographer, Ofer Dabush, of model, Noga Shragai, was shot in Tel Aviv, Israel. The series was submitted with a piece of writing: a poem in particular, that simply could not be separated from the work. They belong together, and speak to each other as well generated art should. The simple color palate and the blank stare, the wide empty sky and the cluttered industrial background, the later appearance of the sea in this series all invite us into a space to be thought on and written about.

irrelevance_oferdabush1 irrelevance_oferdabush2

Yes I was a boy before my childhood began
fell asleep under some blue blue sky
Teachers and angles trade me for fear
became a boy before I was a child.
by the irrelevance of my dignity
became both tears and happiness
Earth and fragile X
Road and a silver plan carpet.
Boys and girls shall grow
And appear in the sun
Light as the irrelevance of our future
the dampness of our skin
bright as wind in our sight
Cold as a winter bone
Disappear complete.



irrelevance_oferdabush12 irrelevance_oferdabush13 irrelevance_oferdabush14 irrelevance_oferdabush15 irrelevance_oferdabush17 irrelevance_oferdabush21 irrelevance_oferdabush23

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