“I’d Be You, If I Weren’t Already Me” by Carly Foulkes

Sometimes it’s like I’m two different people and we’re just going to all the same places. I have to ask her every time we order a drink. We think so much alike I can feel her inside everything I do. But, she drags me in dark directions and out to the desert to pray face to gods that I don’t want to talk to. She insists and tugs at me with tired fingers, and I drive the whole way with windows down and torches lit. She sings songs in the backseat that my mother used to whisper when I fell asleep. Sometimes in the early morning, out there, I can see her seeing me like I’m the stranger in the scene. We think so much alike I cannot tell which ideas are mine and which ones are hers.


Carly Foulkes shot Melodi Meadows and Pearl Charles in the desert in one dress. They appear as some kind of singular netherworld queen. It is a mind bending interpretation of how serious and true our duality can feel from time to time.

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