Book Release: Cult Classic at VISCOUS Publications (NSFW)

Cult Classic is a new book released by VISCOUS Publications and creative director Amy Hood.

I devoured Emma Cline’s, The Girls, recently and it led me down a worm hole of my angsty youth spent wandering around middle American suburbs. It sets up a narrative of a young girl tripping her way into a familial sort of place that looks much like a commune and plays out almost exactly like the famous Los Angeles true stories of Charles Manson and his girls. The whole thing is still as fascinating as it is terrifying.

Joan Didion’s essay, The White Album makes a claim that all her anxiety, and that of Los Angeles, was in those years culminated and ratified by the event: the ever forever creep of someone knocking at your door. It’s become the sort of legend we have in a city like this. And I am up late at night and imagining someone sneaking into my house.


Cult Classic struck some kind of resonating tone with me, our forever fascination with the dark. It depicts two young woman who kidnap a starlet and take her out into the Mojave for ritualistic sex and an animal kind of sacrifice. I keep on thinking about how anyone can end up in the wrong place. The entire narrative leaves you wondering what drives them to do in the first place, and the book explores all that surrounds such tales and obsessions we keep with them.

The images look like they’ve been dug out of a box in your grandmothers basement, some past life experience she won’t talk about ever again, and remembers like it happened to someone else. They are fast and blurred and stolen from a frenzied evening. They are staged and made up and cinematic; filled with so much vintage lingerie I can’t decide what to look at. But, there is so much more in the pages…


Cult Classic is filled with questions on questions as it “analyzes the phenomenon of the cult in terms of both religion, and pop culture.” These images taken by talented photographer Madison Krieger were shot entirely on film, and are accompanied by a collection of essays by fascinating and brilliant women like historian Laura Mcklaw Helms and writer Stacey Mark. It prods at some mysterious and shrouded obsession that still lurks around these high hills, that knock on the door always there. The book is out now and available for shipping the second week of December.

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