Asher Moss & Melodi Meadows’ Best of 2016

Creative royalty couple Asher Moss and Melodi Meadows are some of our favorite humans and Live FAST contributors. Between the two of them they’ve got more  irons in the fire than anyone we know: dabbling in everything from painting to music, modeling, photography, travel, and film, to who only knows what. In 2016 they’ve been nothing but a creativity factory, leaving a trail of romance and nostalgia every where they go.

They give off that iconic couple vibe, a Jane and Serge sort of thing. Their work makes us feel like were living in that first thrush of falling in love, like the world might be a more interesting place than we were previously told, like it’s time to move somewhere new. Work like theirs makes what I do a delight. It’s a  constant well of inspiration, and a joy to write about these two, always.

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