Winter Is Coming and BB Dakota Presents “PARTY MONSTERS”

We sometimes forget just how fuck-ya of a season winter is, when we’re in the throes of summer or drowning ourself in the spiced lattes of fall. It’s pretty much just one excuse after another to rage your face off like the party monster you really are. Sure, depending on where you live it might have you snowed in up to your pretty eyeballs, but that’s only all the more reason to throw a house party that high school you would be oh-so proud of. And just remember there are so many killer coats waiting to be worn out by you and not brought home until the wee hours of morning.


BB Dakota and their newly released winter 2016 lookbook, Party Monsters, is stocked full of reminders of what we’re getting ourselves into. Shot by Zoey Grossman, and featuring fetching pretty faces like Langley Fox and Ruby Aldridge, it is a dance party that requires you sweat and shake it out till the sun comes up. They’ve got enough sequins, velvet, and shimmer to make David Bowie proud. They’ve added some statement bombers and structured coats to make sure you never go out into those chilly nights alone. They’ve thrown one hell of hedonistic party with up in the Silverlake Paramour estate, giving the rest of us something to aspire to all season.

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