“Peaches and Cream” by Tamara Sky

This series by Tamara Sky has a delightful tone of “old Hollywood having turned in for the night.” It is a peek into a private afterparty of one: when the curtain closes on every show-of-face ever made. We’ve stopped in after the glitter and the cameras, after the dress is taken off and left on the bedroom floor. It is the witching hour of midnight snacks and sensuality.


She’s got us convinced we need a refresher course on what to ask for when the night ends and the late night begins.

Peaches and Cream is all about creating your own kind of classy in the comfort of your home, discovering where those different doors are for you. When does your night out, turn into a lock in? What do you wear when get home, and who do you get busy being? How does one stay entertained, sexy, and receiving what one needs?

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Can you teach yourself how to ask for it, to demand it even? It’s a script of: take this off and put this on. It’s come closer, no stay away still. It’s can I have another bite? Can I have you? Can I please?

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