Lookbook Lust: Afends x USA – A Road Trip Through Death Valley & Yosemite

The babe-centric brand Afends came stateside recently, from Australia, as they were due for an iconic American road trip. They brought with them their life-lovin, flush-cheeked, cruise-control vibe, and a whole new collection of cute that we can’t wait to get into. Creative couple, photographer Samuel Nolan and stylist Bec Nolan, were joined by model Mayson Kai, and the lovely Ali Mitton. The squad set off on a mission from Los Angeles in search of quirky American pit stops, scorching deserts that incite spontaneous combustion, revival mountain vistas, and the occasional delivery pizza. What could possibly be more American than that?

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Bound for Death Valley from Los Angeles the team learned the true meaning heat, and why it’s called one of the hottest places on earth. “We drove through Stovepipe Wells and into Furnace Creek, villages with names serving as warnings; though little could to prepare us for the intensity of Death Valley’s searing temperatures.” After a morning exploring the Badwater, they were literally burnout and bound for Mammoth to reagin some of their vitals. Which as it turns out, means ordering in pizza and passing out early: the well known cure-all.


Their next stop: a glittering valley of magic. Yosemite never disappoints. The late summer warmth has a way of nestling in between the gigantic rock faces, and it drew them to find off the beaten path watering holes and rivers. Their wanderings provided backdrops of nature so vast they make you reconsider what you believe in. Yosemite is a mighty place and there is no doubt healing that runs through the valley. Feeling restored, the team drove out before dark fell and spent the evening in El Portal.


They posted up in a kitschy wood cabin along side a river, was accompanied by a roadside diner, and multiple bear statues. There are some things you can always count on here in America and that’s a plethora of roadside diners and bear statues. After a night of drinks near the river, dinner in the diner, and a quick dip in the pool, they had officially logged enough miles and absorbed enough sun to call it a success.

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