Live FAST x Boutique Homes Palm Springs Sweet Escape [Giveaway]

If the past few weeks have taught us anything, it’s that we’re in desperate need of a vacation. There’s nothing like that rush of blood to the head that comes with a new horizon, that exhilarating combination of indulgence and adventure. How rejuvenated and alive even the quickest getaway makes you feel, how you see the world around you with fresh eyes, inspiration firing from every synapse. The perfect vacation is a carefree blur of relaxation and exploration, a combination that acts as an electric current to your spirit. The perfect vacation is a break from ordinary life, offering you the chance to live extraordinarily, to experience things that change you and enrich you, to make memories that imprint on your skin long after tan lines fade.


There’s no sweeter escape than the colorful desert oasis of Palm Springs, with its intoxicating year-round heat waves and creativity inducing mid-century architecture. Palm Springs has been the preferred getaway playground for the LA elite for a long time, and the feeling of old school Hollywood and vintage luxury is entangled with the city itself. A weekend spent lounging by the pool with a cocktail, drenched in Vitamin D and surrounded by the vibrant beauty of the desert sounds like just what the doctor ordered.


Thankfully, our friends at Boutique Homes, masters of the extraordinary vacation destination, felt the same way. Boutique Homes, created and perfectly curated by Veronique Lelievre and Heinz Legler, is a discovery engine for unique properties, the kind of homes and hotels that exceed your wildest expectations and imagination. We’ve teamed up with Boutique Homes for a dreamy Palm Springs road trip giveaway that includes all the essential ingredients. This means a luxury sedan provided by Sixt, a 3 night stay at the luxuriously vintage, midcentury design heaven Orbit In, and 2 pairs of sunglasses by Garrett Leight Optical, because your future is about to get seriously bright.

Enter here for the chance to win:

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