Brittney Scott x PAOM: A b6 Art Show @ WERKARTZ LA

Brittney Scott aka b6 is a 24-year-old multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles who got her first break in 2013 by drawing thousands of  ’90s-esque MS Paint cartoon avatars that literally went viral overnight. As obsessed with the Internet as she is, however, she has been dedicated to bringing her digital artistry IRL ever since, thinking up a myriad of creative ways to express herself, from street art to neon and most recently, apparel collaborations.

Brittney’s latest endeavor – her second solo project this year – is a collection of fifteen clothing pieces dropping online at PAOM (Prints All Over Me). In true b6 fashion, the collab will be unveiled as part of an art show opening on Thursday night at DTLA’s Werkartz. The exhibition will feature large scale canvas prints of the seven designs featured in the collection. Read on for our exclusive interview!



LF: What can we expect from your upcoming show at WERKARTZ?
BS: i made a collection of clothes with the site, Print All Over Me (
me n a few of my friends will be wearing all the stuff at the opening
the show gon consist of 6 big canvas paintings using the designs from the collection

LF: How did the collab with PAOM come about?
PS: PAOM works w alot of digital artists i prob found them jus perusing instagram or twitter
i reached out to them earlier this year about doing something together n they were down !


LF: (How) are your friendships connected with your professional life?
BS: it’s fun to live in a creative world cos my friends n i get 2 make art n put on fun events all the time n everything revolve around ideas we all have

LF: Who’s the most random person who came to you and asked you to do their portrait?
BS: atrak asked me 2 draw chromeo a couple yrs ago which was rly flattering


LF: What was the comedown / come up from your social media hiatus? Describe a typical day in Brittney’s life without the Internet.  
it was interesting the first few days cos i’d just grab my phone n open an app or on my comp jus type in a URL without realizing it
although i rly rly love the internet, it drives me insane
i am constantly comparing myself 2 peers n ppl idek n jus end up rly upset n anxious
i been back using my social media accts the past week 2 promote the show but im planning on logging off again after its over
my phone been off for a few weeks 2 which i do often throughout the yr
i jus cant handle everyone’s lives in my face without feeling bad about myself
being off social media give me a lot of extra time/headspace
i can focus on tasks im doing n be more thorough w things, more “present”

LF: Now that we have you back… Favorite person to follow on Twitter?
BS: i love following @brynntrill but she offline 2 !


LF: Name one thing on the Internet you wish would just disappear.
tila tequila on twitter sucks

LF: Love the recent neon work. Are you learning the craft of tube bending, etc. or working with a fabricator?  
i started learning how to make neon stuff last year but its such a delicate process that it kind of drives me crazy
n cos i need another person to teach me n watch me, i dont rly like that so i haven’t been keeping up learning it
my studio space is a little nook at the warehouse and the neon area is right below me so i watch neons being made everyday (follow them on insta @signograph_usa)
i  design my own stuff (obv) n also for the shop
its fun 2 simplify things

LF: What’s one skill you wish you had?
i wish i was more business oriented so i could negotiate things better


LF: Why do you decide to stay in LA?
mm, im pretty over being in LA tbh
i feel like im just stuck here right now
ive been here for 5 yrs n feel like ive learned the city enough n want to do something else

LF: What’s your best quality?
i think im funny

LF: How do you feel about the current climate for women in art?
o god
it sucks

idk if i have the energy rn 2 get into this topic

LF: How FAST do you live?
live fast die asap


The opening reception for PAOM will be November 10, 6-9 at Werkartz 927 SOUTH SANTA FE AVE, LA, CA 90021.
PAOM will be up only til NOV 14th!

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