Travelogue: Langley Fox Returns To Idaho

Her childhood home is there, just pass the North Fork Store, sitting exactly as it has for decades on the Big Wood River. Langley Fox ventures back to Idaho whenever she can to pass these days exactly as she did in her childhood: fresh eyed and flush cheeked, jumping in rivers in the afternoons, hiking Chocolate Gulch in the mornings, gathering around a family table for the evening. If home makes up the kind of person we become as an adult then it’s no wonder the world finds this woman so captivating.

Idaho is magic. Anybody who lives there knows that. If those mountains, and rivers and views exist then there is magic in the world.”


Although she now resides in Los Angeles, Langley carries with her a particular ethos that only a place like that can give you; a certain instilled understanding of what is important and what is not in this world backboned by a relationship with the outdoors that only hours and years engulfed in it can give you. I asked, if we are a sum of the places we spend our life, how much of you is there? She tells me she is 99% of that place, and 1% saved for someplace warm in those winter months.

“It is so good for your brain. You recharge.”


She makes the journey several times a year. But, this past summer she’s been setting a new record, embarking on the pilgrimage-esque drive, and always bringing friends along because a place that special you simply cannot keep for yourself. This particular trip was in celebration of her birthday with dear friends Dominic and Maddison.

“The older I get the more I realize it, how important it is, how much I love nature and being removed from the world. I’m sure someday I’ll just move back for good.”


Idaho is the sort of place that distills out of you what you want, for work, life, afternoons. Without the distractions of the city it’s easier to see yourself from point A to point B. When she isn’t out in nature, which is most of her stay there, she draws at the family’s dining room table, looking out over the yard she grew up in. Whatever is in the air up there it has seeped into her work in the best of ways, all of these years, drawings, travels, all bring her back around to the same place.


“I think that nature is a part of a lot of my work. Take the forest, it has a mystical feeling to it with an underlying eeriness that is reflected in a lot of my work. I like a sense of unknown and loneliness because it gives things depth and emotion.”


These images of Langley and Maddison captured by Dominic Haydn Rawle test just how long a summer afternoon can stretch and give us a drive-by glimpse of days spent wandering bleached asphalt mountain roads and tangled sage brush hills, to the tune of a simpler and perhaps better way of life.

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