“Sleeping Beauty” by Vlad Savin

I love when art inspires art, when it twists in on itself and comes forth in a new medium with a new voice. Inspired feels like too lazy a word for this process. We gather so much from the art we admire. It feeds us and sacrifices its form and become our own. What would not exist if not for the pieces that came first?


“Sleeping Beauty,” the Australian erotic drama, has developed a cult like following. It is nothing like the fairy tale we know, and yet in its own way borrows from those ideas, twists them, dements them, and makes something wholly new.


This series is a tribute to that film and a tribute to the process of creative transmutation. When done well, it’s the highest form of flattery to another artist. Based on the narrative of a young student who is drawn into the realm of a high end brothel to have customers pay to fondle her while she sleeps. Vlad Savin has cast his own young student, Phoebe, with her bright hair and dewy features. We see her as if in cinematic stills, moments stolen between moments, just before the door opens again.

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