PET Presents “No One Here Gets Out Alive”

PET, the brainchild & lovechild of multitalented badass babes Cara Stricker and Madeline O’Moore, is a recently founded creative platform for female artists, musicians, and filmmakers. At its core, PET centers on harnessing and sharing female creative energy, focusing on bringing the most unique and compelling voices to the cultural front and center, creating a nurturing, collaborative, and open-minded space for passionate female creatives and professionals to share their work and connect with each other. They release films, music, and art, as well as putting on masterfully curated events and exhibitions. Very few things inspire us more than the intoxicating power of interesting women coming together in the name of art and community, and it goes without saying that we’ve been wholeheartedly down for everything that PET has done so far.


PET’s most recent art exhibition, “No One Here Gets Out Alive,” is up now at The Gallery Next to the Burgundy Room, a cheekily-named space adjacent to the legendary red-lit dive bar, until October 31st (don’t miss it!). The show, curated by Natalie O’Moore & Dana Marcolina and featuring work by artists Corey Cano, Charlotte Patterson, Diane Nguyen, Natalie O’Moore, and Dana Marcolina, is presented by PET in association with ASOS Supports Talent, an initiative that encourages brilliant creatives to achieve amazing things. The works on display range from photography (haunting, fragmented portraits flushed with green and red tints, grainy close up shots of a cowboy mid-lasso) to acrylic paintings to a single brass sculpture that serves as a planter for two plump pink roses.

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All the art in the show hinges on the idea of the camera functioning as a coping mechanism in our culture, a way to internalize the outside world, a way to manipulate and frame moments, to pause time. Despite the overstimulation and over-saturation of media in our society, we remain drawn to it because it provides us with a sense of control, a way to retell the narrative from our own perspective, a way to share our uniquely personal experience with others. A way to say: this is what the world looks like through my eyes. A way to say: I was here. We are repelled by the inescapable presence of negative media in our lives – violence recorded and circulated, outrage and ignorance voiced loudly and incessantly – yet we return daily to our cell phones, computers, and television for entertainment, for pleasure. Hollywood thrives on this push and pull of dichotomy, thrives on our simultaneous addiction and revulsion, thrives on our guilt-tinged pleasure and vice versa, but as the artist statement for this PET exhibit states, “now we willingly participate and are no longer unwitting spectators.” Check out our shots from the opening party, where vibes were on point, drinks were strong, and Hocus Pocus was playing on a TV set in the corner.

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“No One Here Gets Out Alive” is up until October 31st at The Gallery Next to The Burgundy Room – 1621 North Cahuenga Blvd Los Angeles, CA. By appointment only. To make an appointment:

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