“Over The Hills And Through The Woods” By Jason Miller

Photographer Jason Miller and model Cheyenne Tulsa shot this fairytale editorial in the woods outside Berlin. Tulsa wearing entirely vintage fashion gives off an air of fantastical and free, having wandered off the unread pages of a story we haven’t heard yet.

The Brothers Grimm were German storytellers and academics, responsible for most of the classic fairytales we still tell today- Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel. There was something mysterious in the dark forests that they grew up curious about. Mining a vein of old folklore they teased out countless tales from their imagination. By the looks of these pictures, that magic and strangeness, those stories waiting to be told, might still be weaving between those trees today.

Miller has brought out in these images something reminiscent of these tales. Tulsa appears as another character. She has a pureness to her rosy cheeks, a magic in her gold like hair, a secret between her parted lips. This might be those unsuspecting days before the witch appears, the apple is bitten, or the promise is broken.

cheyenne-12 cheyenne-4

dress & choker: vintage – tights: Falke – boots: Sendra


jacket & sunglasses: vintage


dress: & Other Stories – hat: vintage

cheyenne-34 cheyenne-40 cheyenne-44 cheyenne-49

suit: Dior vintage choker – vintage boots: Sendra


shirt & earrings, vintage – pants, & Other Stories – boots, Sendra

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