When In Greece, Do As Roxy Does – A Travelogue Featuring Eres

Photographer Ali Mitton and muse Roxanna Dunlop spent days against the sun-bleached beaches and picturesque backdrop of Santorini and Milos. They sailed to the uninhabited shores of Polyaigos in search of nothing but clear sky, easy smiles, and the kind of essence the Greek’s would call Ataraxia.

Ataraxia (noun): an ongoing freedom from distress and worry. Calmness and an ideal piece of mind.

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Roxanna Dunlop is looking every bit like the sort of goddess the folklore speaks of, wearing French lingerie and swim brand Eres. The ease of her beauty is magnetic, as natural as the crystal waters and the high day sun. She is and always has been our muse of all muses. These images remind us exactly of why that is.

Eres embodies the whole vibes our ladies were after on this trip. Classic and perfectly cut, made with the finest fibers to bring out the most beautiful version of you. When you feel like the sexiest thing on the planet, you are.

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