I’d Rather Live Here: A Collection Of Places To Lay Your Head

I’ve been houseless now for a good six months since moving out of my place after grad school. I am not homeless though. I live in my car, with my man, my sisters, friends, mother, whoever really has an open bed, and there are plenty. It’s this sort of freedom that sent me wandering around Indonesia for five weeks and counting. So, while I’m out here roaming around I’ve started to really think about where I want to live next. And, honestly, it feels like I could go just about anywhere…


From Messy Nessy Chic in the Chambertin Apartment on Paris Perfect.


Glen Oaks in Big Sur is one of our favorite destination. I’m seriously considering reliving our entire Big Sur road trip guide this winter.


I really would have lived here in Bali but the spot is booked out months and months in advance, even in the low season. Hide Out Bali is straight up heavenly.


From Messy Nessy Chic and her time on the Sand Blas Islands.


Bird Island in Belize. It’s your own island. It sleeps six. Bring some rum, a deck of cards, and a few of your favorite people. Finally answer the question, who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with.


Pinterest has brainwashed me and I literally dream about this tree house in Atlanta, Georgia now.


On Georgian Bay, Lake Huron there is a whole community of floating houses. They’re built on steel platoons so they can adjust to the changing water levels. And I can totally adjust to this.


My mother says, you always have to have goals in life.

L’Agent Goodies…