And Just Like That, Renee Carey Is Back In LA

Renee Carey is the best kind of trouble. After living away in Australia, where she built her name as a budding fashion photographer for the past five years, she is back in her hometown of LA, and I can tell by her mischievous smile that she is here to stay. You can’t quite place how old Renee is – she looks 23, yet her stories span decades. She’s so tuned into what she needs, yet she’s one of the most giving people I have met in a long time. Read up on this true artist, and feast your eyes on her beautiful images.



LF: Renee, how do you feel right now?

RC: I feel pretty good! I’ve got lovely people like yourself in front of me, the world is great.


LF: How long ago did you get back to LA?

RC: I’ve been back in LA for 3 months as of now, but I kinda have grown up around LA the majority of my life living in Orange County but floating on up here with the ol fake ID since I was about 16 to about 20 years old. 


LF: What has changed about LA since then?

RC: For me personally that would mostly be the people that are here at the moment, much better crowd. 


LF: What has changed about you since then?

RC: Changed about me… I still feel like I am a lot of the same person, such a wild soul, but I suppose my point of view through experiences have developed and changed quite a lot. 


LF: So you left Australia in a heavy context – can you talk a little bit about that?

RC: I can dip into that a bit… Backstory is when I was 21 years old I moved to Australia, fell in love and by the time I was 22 I married. Four years married and recently we unfortunately decided to split, so I moved back to America to keep creating and shooting fashion, here now and who knows where later. Gotta do what feels right and just trust in that.


LF: Tell me about your inspiration right now? 

RC: I’ve been really inspired by person growth and the open mind I’ve adapted in this new chapter of my life. Big changes in life make you so incredibly inspired and challenged and you just want to do everything all at once, and be everywhere. I’ll be doing a lot of traveling in the next year so looking forward to see how I grow and how my work will progress through that. Always inspired by music also no matter what.


LF: What is it about music that inspires you so much?

RC: Music has always been a massive influence on me as a person and my work. Whenever I’m looking for inspiration for concepts, I usually base it around a single song and that emotion the song gives me I aim to achieve the same feeling through a story. Fashion is one great thing that I love but if I could bring my soul to choose one art form in the entire world it’s music.


LF: Favorite band right now?

LF: I couldn’t pick one.. Ah well, I’m a really big Moby fan and I saw him play for the first time last weekend so I’m pretty obsessed at the moment – that was a life highlight. 


LF: Interesting I did not expect that at all..

RC: I’m a huge house lover. 


LF: Where do you see yourself at the same time next year?

RC: Who knows at this point, life is changing so much all the time I couldn’t even imagine physically where I would be. Maybe living in Europe or NYC in the next couple years but I think I’ll need to settle into one spot for a little bit of time before I move again. In my work, I’d like to be doing more high fashion – I think LA is beautiful and people really like the happy-go-lucky photography sunshine and rainbows but I’m more inspired by the darker side of me so I think that would be suited well over there. More heartfelt stuff that I can’t do as often for the LA audience.


LF: How do you find the balance between the darkness that you have and lightness of being that you have, how do you execute it?

RC: The lightness that I have in my heart is for the people that I love, when I am around people with such beauty and kindness it makes me feel light about the world. When I feel darkness, I feel the passion that it brings. It’s not a dark thing in a way that I feel negative or sad, it is an emotion that makes me feel passionate and inspired, the confrontation, the questioning, I thrive for that darkness.


LF: What makes a great photograph?

RC: It’s different to each person but what makes a good photograph either being the one who makes it or the one who is looking at it, it is the way they can relate to the image. 


LF: Do you feel like the selects that you are making now out of your work is different from the ones you were making 5 years ago?

RC: Yes, absolutely. 


LF: Isn’t that insane? I feel like my taste in the Magazine has completely changed. I will always go for the outtake, I will always go for the “off” angle.

RC: Yeah I completely agree, I always find myself chasing the imperfect image, the in between’s. Everyone wants a photo they can relate to, and that is the circumstance of photography, art in general, music, art, you name it. I found there was more desire for those types of images in Australia than in California.


LF: Right now Australia is super at the forefront of fashion trends in terms of blogging, in terms of even photography style, because I think they went a little edgier, they aren’t so much played up as California.

RC: Australia has come out with some amazingly talented creatives and trends. But there’s also a fine line of the ones with a fresh eye and that stereotypical majority that does the same thing, which you’ll find everywhere. 


LF: What is your best quality?

RC: I’m extremely loyal and I give a lot of love when I love.


LF: What’s your worst quality?

RC: Not being able to admit my worst quality? haha

LF: How FAST do you live?

RC: Strangely fast and slow all at the same time.

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