“A Summer In The South” By Shayna Colvin

As fast as something comes it’s gone and we want it back all over again. It’s a wonder summer ever stays away as long as it does. There is something laced in the air. Maybe it’s from the waiting for it, the talking about it, or the letting it go every fall. But it is undeniable, even to those of us in Los Angeles who know no real winter, summer has something the rest of it doesn’t. It tastes sweeter.

Here Alley Bell is captured galavanting around Henry Ford’s old plantation in Georgia, by photographer Shayna Colvin. It is a tribute to how white wine can cure you, and a quick swim can act like a baptism against the heat. It’s a phase when life and vacation blur the lines of everyday life, and you look better than you ever do because being happy is more than a state of mind. Summer in the south as many writers have said it, is the sort of thing that just might swallow you whole. Judging by these images, I’d say that wouldn’t be half bad.

IMG_001 IMG_002 IMG_003a IMG_003b IMG_004 IMG_005 IMG_007 IMG_009c IMG_0010a IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0562 IMG_1245 IMG_1260 IMG_1383 IMG_1416

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