A Midweek Meditation on Zadie Smith’s Literary Brilliance, Michelle Obama’s Grace and Common’s Never-ending Creativity


Midweek Meditations is a weekly column written by Julia-Elise Childs where she rounds up her favorite happenings in fashion, art, culture, and beyond. We figure that despite living fast, we should probably catch our breath every now and again.

I’m tired. I’m tired of memes making light of the bleak presidential election. I’m tired of the collective nervous buzz, each opinion vibrating with defense. I’m tired because I know the work is far from done – there is more to unpack, more to learn, more to fight for. Instead of leaning into frustration, I’m leaning into love. Love for literature and one of its most brilliant minds. Love for our First Lady who feels like family instead of political royalty. Love for Common, a man whose trademark creative impulse shines on an unofficial remix of “Cranes in the Sky.”

No such thing as too much love, right?

Zadie Smith In Her Purest Form


Zadie Smith’s New York Times Style Magazine interview is as intimate as a first date. It is guarded, despite Jeffrey Eugenides’ friendship with Smith. In the same breath, it is revealing. Smith doesn’t say a lot, but what she does say is meaningful. She reveals the autobiographic details in her latest work, “Swing Time.” She admits that she never paints her nails. She speaks on Darryl Pinckney’s “radical existentialism,” his conflicting state of being wildly educated on race, politics, the weight of his black identity and his ability to be completely free. When the Jeffrey suggests that Zadie quite possibly wears the same shade of freedom, she offers nothing more than “Oh.” Catch the full read here.

Love Notes to Our Beloved First Lady


Michelle Obama, the epitome of grace and light, graced the cover of New York Times Style Magazine in an iconic editorial. A collection of images that will be shared with our grandchildren, they evoke emotions of wistful nostalgia. Eight years with Michelle has felt like eight years too short. Yet, as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie notes, we’ve watched her flourish into the strong figure she is today. Gloria Steinem, Jon Meacham and Rashida Jones also chime in with a heartwarming tribute to our beautiful First Lady.

Common’s Take on “Cranes in the Sky”


An unofficial remix simply inspired by the love of art.” How sweet it is to be a witness to a creative’s response to inspiration. Common, a multidimensional artist, recently took a pass at creating his own verse for Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky.” It is sweet to hear a song that I’ve replayed so much, it feels like a classic, receive an alternate life.

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