Welcome To Paradise: Inside Kimberly Drew’s World Of Black Contemporary Art

Kimberly Drew continues to create black spaces within her world. At 24 years old, she manages the Met Museum’s social media, recently concluded The Black Art Incubator and just conducted a Lenny Letter interview with the legendary Carrie Mae Weems. Oh, and I forgot to mention, she’s the founder of the Black Contemporary Art Tumblr. Regarded as a rising star, Drew’s hustle is nothing short of aspirational.

Drew efficiently covers every millennial touch point with a place for black folk to converge and engage in fellowship – her work for the Met Museum provides public representation in the historically white art world, Black Art Incubator boasted over 30 free events – thus covering the IRL communion and Black Contemporary Art offers a healthy dose of melaninated creations for visitors to consume.

She recently explained that the Black Art Incubator is “normalizing being rooted in blackness without beating people over the head with it.” This sentiment seems to ring true in all aspects of her work – it isn’t so much that she is bringing blackness to the spaces she inhabits. Rather, she isn’t letting anyone for get that we’re out here.

Black Contemporary Art exists as my favorite Internet portal to wander. Described as, “a place for art by and about people of african descent,” the tumblr is filled with a seemingly endless archive of black art. Sound dreamy? It is. Check out our favorite picks from Black Contemporary Art below.

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