There is Not Enough Adderall In The World For This

I am sitting here blown away and rightfully impressed by the intricacies of this artAnnie Vought creates precise hand cut pieces based on real writing she stumbles across in her world. Ornate and lace like, lovely and reminiscent of school day notebook doodles. She sticks to the word choice and the handwriting style of the original writer when incorporating their work into her large and layered pieces. Sometimes you have to look closely to find them.

Vought5 Vought3

Based out of Oakland, her work has me mentally and visually mesmerized not only by how lovely it is, but also imagining the time and attention it might take to make something like this. I can’t even focus long enough to get a blog post written let alone long enough to etch my words into artistic patterns like this. I tip my hat to you, Annie Vought.

Vought4 Vought6 Vought7 Vought8 Vought9

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