The Loungewear Label That Will Leave You Pining For The Bedroom – SUKU Home

Introducing SUKU Home; a revitalizing approach to modern loungewear and natural, luxury bedding from Melbourne, Australia. With a consciousness rooted in global community, sustainability and ethical fair trade practices, each of SUKU’s bedding collections and handmade textiles are dreamy and ethereal; each piece carefully designed with their now signature aesthetic of playful patterns in rich, calming palettes that will make your bedroom a haven from the endless buzz of the world outside your window.


SUKU’s new campaign ‘Zen’, brought to life by an all-Australian dream girl team; photographer Charlie Brophy, and muse Kellie Bird, is inspired by the impulse to go alone into nature. Showcasing chic, effortless loungewear that works both as day and night wear, the prints in SUKU’s latest collection mirror the tranquility of natural landscapes – Desert, Moon, Ripple and Sunset. A native to evergreen Indonesia, owner and creative director Christine Lafian explores the concept of fluidity between space in the latest collection, breaking down the barrier between the indoors and the beauty in the possibilities of the outdoors. “The mood of the Zen collection is one of solitude and stillness, creating an atmosphere where the overstimulated mind can recover in the presence of infinite spaciousness.”

Going deeper, Lafian explains that at the core of the brand, the heart, is about connection and collaboration. “It’s about storytelling and helping people to create intimate and meaningful relationships with material objects – our objects. With the right amount of creativity and imagination, a single object can contain an entire world.”

“The campaign behind ‘Zen’ is about feeling comfortable in your own skin – embracing the solitude and loving it.” That’s a mantra we can get behind. View the entire collection below.

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