Teenagehood Through Genevieve Nollinger’s Lens

Los Angeles-based photographer Genevieve Nollinger‘s work is the perfect encapsulation of adolescence: dreamy, rebellious, a little fuzzy around the edges. Her striking photos realistically and intimately depict what it’s like to be a teenage girl, focusing on the pressures of censorship and constantly being told how to act and what to do. Her work feels pulled from the secret diaries we all kept under our mattresses, capturing vivid personality, wild exuberance, and moments of boredom, sadness, and uncertainty. Though her work centers on the Millennial generation that is currently coming of age, her work covers the spectrum of timeless feelings that have always accompanied being young and alive, certain to evoke sharp memories and shivers of nostalgia. Her photos have been featured in Paper MagDazed, The NY Times and more, and she has been featured in galleries in LA and NYC. Check out more of her work here.

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