Nood: An Empowering Take On Social Media Censorship

“In the age of social media influence, “now” is always the time for female empowerment. As passionate as we are about making lady parts for your lady parts, ideally the need for this app is only temporary.” -NOOD

Nood is an app that uses drawn-up lady parts to cover your real lady parts for social media. The aim is to draw attention to the absurdity and gender biased nature of censorship, to decrease shame and increase empowerment by using body positive censor stickers. Because let’s be real, everyone is naked, there is nothing wrong with being naked, and the conflation of sexuality with nudity is for the birds.


Nood has got nipples, and vaginas, and scars and perks, including a drop of blood. Editing your photos for social media has never been more fun. Only, it’s not, not yet. Because the Apple App Store has rejected their submission due to “objectionable material,” which basically means that they find even a cute little drawing of a hypothetical vagina or nipple super offensive.

We find the whole thing rather interesting (and infuriating) considering the fact Apple carries countless apps in their store that easily enter into the realm of objectification of women (such as Perfect Girlfriend and Dirty Emoji). But I guess that’s ok, just so long as you don’t empower them too. Way to be progressive Apple, thanks! After a few more rounds of rejection from Apple, (even after Nood suggested to release it with a 17+ notice) Nood has moved on to the Google Play Store. We are curious to see how this pans out on their end. If you want to support Nood, share this on your social media, and or follow them yourself. 

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