It Is More Than Just An Instagram Image: Meet Lana Prins

There is this image taken by Lana Prins (this one above, nipples and roses, you know it) and it has been popping up on my Instagram, Tumblr, Internet world for what seems like forever. And I never know who took it. When I figured it out it felt like some needle in a haystack match. The internet is such a big place these days.


I am interested in whether or not social media, and Instagram in particular, has relegated many photographers to the realm of socially famous while making their art frighteningly disposable because of our post, click like, move on mentality. And yet, at the same time this image has, in my mind at least, become something like eternal. I reposted it once when my heart was hurt and I wrote something that in a weird way adopted this image into my own art. It fused some sort of meaning across these lines that are so far stretched between artists.

LanaPrins4 LanaPrins1 07-09-LanaPrins

So, I suppose my thinking now has more to do with this idea: does our gluttonous intake of images on a daily basis make artists more susceptible to being disposable, or more ripe for becoming eternal?

LanaPrins5 LanaPrins9 lana-prins-pool

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