Check In: Korakia Pensione, Palm Springs

The only way I can ever truly unplug is by forcing myself into solitude or backpacking into a campsite where I have no other choice. It’s almost an affliction to never turn off. I find myself working from bed, from parties, while my nephew sleeps in the other room. And it is exhausting. I think for the creative mind to really work it is essential that once in awhile we turn off and tune out.

I’ve got my eye on the heavenly Mediterranean escape property in Palm Springs. Korakia Pensione – even the name makes me drift often into a relaxed state of mind. Its main focus is for you to check out of the world for a little bit and into you. This 28-room boutique hotel is immaculate with hand-carved furniture and a library stocked with old books. It’s calling my name. And the best part, there are no televisions on the property. I really respect that. The whole place has vintage in its bones and you can really sense that, old Palm Springs money of silent movie stars and artists. I dig it.


Korakia’s Fall ESCAPE special includes a complimentary couples massage for any mid-week (Sun-Thurs) stay of two nights or more. Book your next getaway here.

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