“When I Think About Me, I Touch Myself” by Stephanie Cammarano (NSFW)

I’m interested in the ways we spend time alone and how much there is to learn about ones own body, lights on and hands in motion. There is a fine line between you and I, between myself and this, and I’m still searching for it. So much of the day we spend tangled up in our ideas and projection of self, bound by the decorum of the world and the place we’ve created in it. And it’s a thin space, a veil almost that separates the selves of public and private.

Nicole Vaunt-935

Photographer Stephanie Cammarano and model Nicole Vaunt produced this series in a fluid manner, collaboratively constructing each shot. She says of working with Vaunt, “I hold such a high regard and admiration for her because of the way she understands composition, of the body and image.” They are exploring the raw and natural while evoking the sensation of being bound by the things closest to our bodies. The work is an artful conversation between garment and being.

Nicole Vaunt-064 Nicole Vaunt-302 Nicole Vaunt-414 Nicole Vaunt-577 Nicole Vaunt-109 Nicole Vaunt-211 Nicole Vaunt-792 Nicole Vaunt-632 copy

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