Think Pink: 5 Natural Wonders Of The World

These five awe-inspiring naturally pink phenomena from around the world prove why Mother Nature is forever our number one #artcrush. It’s nearly impossible not to lose yourself in the visual appeal of these dreamy candy-colored wonders, all of which occur naturally and delightfully inexplicably. They bring to life the idea of looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, and remind us that nature is a powerful force, working in strange and occasionally magical ways. Sometimes, all you need to restore your faith in the staggering beauty of our world is a lake that appears to be made entirely out of strawberry milkshake…


Senagal’s Pepto Bismol-hued Lake Retba is due to an organism that thrives in the extremely salty lake. The pink pigment is a result of chlorophyll, which allows the organisms to gather energy from the sun. Locals make a living collecting salt from the lake, but in order to protect your skin from the harsh salinity, you have to coat yourself in butter before jumping in (this article is making me hungry).


Just a casual camel caravan through a stunning sunrise pink desert in the Sahara, nothing to see here…


A quiet hillside in Nara, Japan comes alive in the spring, bursting with a breathtaking wash of pastel-pink cherry blossoms. The whole town is dusted with a layer of the romantic flowers, creating a blushing pink landscape that would make anyone swoon.


It’s no secret that Australia has cornered the market on beauty, both in its native inhabitants and its landscape, but I straight up gasped when I saw the birds eye view of the solidly bubblegum pink Lake Hillier located on an island off the coast of Western Australia. The lake sits on the edge of a pristine wilderness, which means that the only way to view this surreal body of water is from the air, which only adds to the strange and delicious mystery surrounding the hot pink lake’s existence.


This shockingly pink iceberg in Iceland has a simple explanation for it’s striking gem stone appearance: algae growing on the ice is dyed by the sun’s harsh UV rays, resulting in a reddish-pink tint.

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