Frances Bean Cobain Covers Jimmy Eat World On Instagram: Internet Freaks Out

Fred Flinststone sings 4 seconds of The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

A video posted by Frances Bean Cobain (@space_witch666) on

Frances Bean Cobain, the enigmatic daughter of beloved Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain and beloved Hole badass Courtney Love, made her music debut on Instagram today, singing and playing a brief acoustic cover of The Middle by Jimmy Eats World. The unexpected clip, which features the 23 year old heir to grunge royalty wearing an oversized Fred Flintstone shirt, only lasts about five seconds in total, but that’s more than enough time to capture the attention of the Internet, who responded immediately, applauding her mature vocals and unique style. Her mother, Courtney Love, reposted the clip to her own Instagram page with a touching caption about how proud she is, and how proud Cobain’s father would be. It’s a fascinating clip that’s worth at least a few listens, not just because it revealed that Kurt Cobain’s daughter is just as soulfully talented as he was, but because it might mean that she is ready to share her talent and music with the world, and we’re definitely ready to listen.

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