A Midweek Meditation on Beyonce, Langston Hughes and the Internet Generation’s Rising Stars

Midweek Meditations is a weekly column written by Julia-Elise Childs where she rounds up her favorite happenings in fashion, art, culture, and beyond. We figure that despite living fast, we should probably catch our breath every now and again.

Midweek Meditations was conceived partly due to my accidental obsession with pop culture and partly due to the inevitable internet burnout that plagues those of us working in the media industry. My day job requires me to be online… a lot. Oftentimes I’ll find something that is super inspiring while scrolling through the ‘net and then poof. Just like that, the flicker of inspiration evaporates between my fingers and I’m trapped in some click-bait article about the Kardashians. I like to tell myself I’m not the only person who finds themselves gorged and numb from Internet over-stimulation, so here we are.

It’s time to slow things down. Our namesake is our purpose: We Live Fast. Yet, living fast doesn’t translate to a life void of fruitful thought. Sometimes the only way to keep running is to stop and meditate on the things that make you think.

Beyonce Brings “Mothers of the Movement” to the VMAs


The VMAs was easily one of my favorite award shows of this year. While I am certain we are all up-to-speed on the highlights – Drake is still a clingy boyfriend, you’ve probably been sleeping on Teyana Taylor, everyone looked like they saw Jesus walk on water after Beyonce’s performance –  the best moment of the night happened during the pre-show. Beyonce walking the red carpet with the “Mothers of the Movement” aka the mothers of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant and Trayvon Martin to the award show was far more than simply bringing the entire cast of Lemonade to the award show. It was a symbol of power and inclusivity. A statement to all that our fight is far from over and that we must stand in solidarity with these women. We are stronger together.

There’s Hope For Langston Hughes’ Home to Become Harlem Art Center


NPR recently reported that there is a non-profit art collective, I, Too, Arts Collective, working to turn Langston Hughes’ Harlem brownstone into an art center. Hoping to memorialize Hughes’ home as a monument of the Harlem Renaissance, the collective is currently running a crowdsourcing campaign on IndieGogo. They’re more than half way to their goal – you can help turn Hughes’ brownstone into a cultural hub by donating here.

Pharrell Interviewing Jaden and Willow Smith is Everything


Pharrell recently interviewed Jaden and Willow Smith on the internet, their futures and their beliefs for Interview Magazine. The result is a sweet, uplifting profile of two kids who truly believe they can make a difference. Jaden, on using his privilege and platform, said, “We’re trying to inspire kids, like, ‘Join me and Willow. Join with the squad. And let’s really, like, change the world.'” When saying things like this throughout the piece, the Smiths never sound contrived or trite. Rather, they sound passionate, like they are on a mission to create the changes they want to see. Maybe it’s the internet generation that will save us all.

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