Nothing Lost In Translation: Tahiti Pehrson x RVCA Collaboration

Northern California-based artist Tahiti Pehrson has teamed up with one of our main inspo space ships, RVCA, for their Inspired By series that features artists, muses, and all around radical humans doing whatever it is they do. Accompanied by the video above was a launch of apparel, translated from his work into wearable fashion. The culmination of this project is “Intersection,” an art show held at the RVCA VASF gallery in San Francisco on the 21st of July to showcase these intricate and lovely pieces, and to celebrate the art of making something so certainly worth looking at. The gallery will remain up until the 18th of August.

Tahiti’s work is hypnotically created using a method of hand cut intricate geometrical designs which are layered into three-dimensional structures. They are a treat to the eye and a trip to the mind. The interplay between light and space is fascinating. The work looks simultaneously delicate like lace and yet incredible strong at the same time with the direct lines and master-like construction of free standing shapes and shadow boxes.

Their line of collaborative clothing released exclusively by RVCA is an impeccable example of crossing mediums and doing it smoothly. Something as specific as Pehrson’s work might be difficult to translate into wearable items, but they are on on point with these dresses and tops. The specific cuts hang as beautifully and eye catching on the body as they do on the wall. Tahiti says this of his work and it makes sense that the transition went so well: “My work has a lot to do with symmetry, compositional balance, and perception: I like the idea of it being somewhat universal and relatable to a wider framework.” We do too, we do too.

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“Intersection” at RVCA VASF Gallery IN SF

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