Lookbook Lust: Valfre “Golden Dreams”

Always the designer for wild childs and worshippers of 90’s nostalgia, Isle Valfre stays true to her core aesthetic with the latest Valfre collection. The assortment is noticeably free of playful novelty items like their signature phone cases, a decision that feels deliberate. Instead, there is dead focus on a perfect mix of elegant and edgy. Babydolls and biker jackets are styled the way only a young Kate Moss or rockstar’s girlfriend could execute, with effective simplicity and effortless attitude. Nods to Seattle Grunge are apparent, such as a moody plaid made into an apron dress, or the quintessential velvet and lace slip hanging under a thriftstore-style mohair coat. The look is so authentic, and yet modernized just enough to feel fresh. One gets the sense that Valfre is not fucking around this time, and we are thankful. Our love for the brand is more serious than ever.

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